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Our Cary, NC Dentist Uses The Most Up-To-Date Technology

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Alliance Dentistry utilizes leading-edge technology and procedures to provide optimal oral care. This begins with our electronic dental records program. Since we opened our office, our Cary NC dentists have employed Dentrix Dental Practice Management Software.  As a clinical and practice management software system, Dentrix enables our practice to be efficient and highly productive. It manages a wide range of practice information, including patient demographics, clinical details and production analysis. We can easily compare clinical findings from one appointment to the next, show patients radiographs and photos of their dentition and quickly email films to dental specialists. We can file claims electronically, print customizable statements and view aging reports and unscheduled appointment lists with the click of the mouse.  From diagnosis to education to billing, Dentrix empowers us to provide patients with the best possible dental office experience.

Where traditional cavity detecting methods have occasionally failed before, we are now aided by laser cavity detection.  At our Cary NC dentist office we use DIAGNOdentto assist us in detecting hidden decay. DIAGNOdent is a portable device that is simple, fast and painless. It enables us to find decay that has formed just below the surface, an area that was harder to access in the past.  DIAGNOdent operates at a wavelength of 655nm. At this wavelength, healthy tooth structure shows little to no fluorescence, leading to low value readings on the device. Decayed tooth structure, however, will demonstrate fluorescence and give higher readings.  Based on the numerical value, we can determine whether treatment is necessary soon or whether it can be monitored for progression.

When teeth must be restored, Alliance Dentistry depends on theIsolitesystem to provide maximum patient comfort and safety.  Isolite is a dental isolation device that offers better visibility of the area being treated. It controls moisture, provides vacuum suction and better illumination, which all contribute to greater efficiency and improved clinical results. Placement of the Isolite protects the tongue and airway as well. Patients gently rest their teeth on the mouthpiece and can comfortably relax while undergoing treatment.

For the times when soft tissue requires treatment, we use iLase, a wireless diode laser. Simple to use, iLase is designed to reduce patient discomfort while improving therapeutic results. Whether needed to modify gum tissues for making better impressions or to promote periodontal health, our dentists in Cary NC are skilled in using this state of the art tool. For comfortable, convenient state of the art service, schedule an appointment with Alliance Dentistry today.

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