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Cary NC Diagnostic Dentistry

diagnostic dentistry cary ncLearn about the best Diagnostic Dentistry Cary NC has to offer!

At our Cary NC family dentist office, we perform a thorough evaluation of your oral and dental health, considering both hard and soft tissue, which is the foundation of an effective treatment plan. Our dentists in Cary, NC dedicate a significant amount of time with patients so an ideal plan can be established.

How are Cary NC Dentistry Diagnoses Conducted?

At your initial appointment, after checking in with our front desk team, you will be welcomed by one of our hygienists. She will begin with a broad review of your past medical and dental histories and current medications. She will take your blood pressure and discuss any concerns or questions you may have for the dentist. A set of cavity detecting radiographs will be taken and all teeth charted. This means documenting decayed, missing and filled teeth. The health of gingival tissues will be assessed by appearance and by measuring periodontal pocket depths. Any recession or loss of attachment will be noted as well. Intra-oral photographs will be taken of your teeth and soft tissues.

If there is no evidence of periodontal disease, the hygienist will proceed with cleaning and polishing your teeth.  If you have periodontal disease, your hygienist will explain the condition, its causes and treatment protocols. She may take additional radiographs at this time, to assess the extent of disease. She will show you proper brushing and flossing techniques and may share additional tips for optimal oral health. Our dentists in Cary, NC will then perform a comprehensive exam. We will evaluate the soft tissues and screen for oral cancer. We will feel around your jaw, neck, and inside your lips and cheeks. We will closely examine your tongue, and the roof and floor of your mouth. We will carefully assess the teeth, looking for decay, cracks, wear and mobility. We will study your bite and determine any jaw problems. We will review the radiographs, looking for decay, calculus, bone loss, infections, and root fractures. We may make impressions of the teeth to further study the bite, tooth shape and position. We may also use additional aids, such as DIAGNOdent, to assist us in our diagnosis. We will ask about your dental concerns, your oral health habits, your diet, and your dental treatment goals. Our dentists in Cary, NC will then explain our findings, showing you your radiographs and intraoral photos and help you understand your oral condition. We have all the data we need to now present options for treatment. Jointly, we will discuss these options, reviewing the process, advantages and disadvantages of each, the costs and time involved. We can provide you with copies of all the plans and give you the opportunity to contemplate them for as long as you would like. Ultimately, we will formulate an appropriate treatment plan that you are comfortable with and that best restores your oral health.

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