Dental Implants Cary, NC

Dental Implants Cary, NC

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Dental Implants Cary, NCIf you suffer tooth loss as a result of an accident, tooth decay, or gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), you should contact us at our Cary, NC dentistry practice today. At our office, dental implants are a specialty. Cary NC dental implants lay the foundation for your replacement teeth, so if you are considering dentures or permanent tooth replacement procedures, you will most likely also need to consider implants. We pride ourselves on offering excellent dental implant procedures that will empower you to maintain a full and healthy looking smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants mimic the oral structures that hold your natural teeth in place. Titanium anchors are attached to your jawbone, and these anchors eventually fuse with the bone structure in your mouth. Once fused, you can undergo other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures while maintaining the appearance of naturally preserved and aesthetically pleasing dental health. With implants, your dentist literally lays the foundation for your replacement teeth. Dental implants are used to secure the following restorative dental procedures:

  • Dental bridges
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures

Why Would I Need Dental Implants?

We recommend dental implant procedures to our patients if they are missing teeth or if they are experiencing a serious condition that will inevitably lead to tooth loss. If the roots of your teeth are infected, or if your teeth have already fallen out and you are seeking replacements, then you may need implants. If you recently lost a tooth and want a replacement, we may strongly suggest that you receive a dental implant as one of the first steps in your restorative treatment. Our Cary NC dental implants are integral to securing many durable teeth replacement treatments, and at our dentistry office in Cary, NC, we will very possibly prescribe dental implant treatment if you are considering a replacement tooth procedure. Implants have helped thousands of patients effectively mitigate the adverse effects of their unfortunate oral circumstances.

Dental implants provide a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Permanently improved appearance.
  • Clearer speech (When dentures are inserted without an oral implant, your replacement teeth can move within your mouth, causing mumbled or slurred speech).
  • Sturdiness (Once implanted, a dental implant becomes a durable part of your jaw and oral structure. Implants are remarkably durable, and if properly taken care of, they will be a permanent improvement to your oral health).
  • Improved oral health

Your oral health will improve immensely with dental implants. If you lose a tooth and do not replace it, you put yourself at further risk to develop oral health issues like infections and gum disease.


How Can I Undergo Treatment for Cary, NC Dental Implants?

Obtaining a dental implant Cary NC requires surgery, and thankfully our dentists have years of experience performing dental implant procedures. If your insurance is accepted at our office, and if you have recently lost a tooth or fear that you will lose a tooth, you should schedule an appointment with us to discuss if dental implants are an appropriate aspect of your treatment.

Dental Implants Cary NC

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